Behavior Charts, Unruly MexiJun Brothers & Jerry Seinfeld

Behavior Charts, Unruly MexiJun Brothers & Jerry Seinfeld

Tips & Tools Tuesday

Believe It or Not: They Are Related

Prayer First

Be with me while I work.
When I feel stressed, help me lift my eyes heavenward & breathe in Your peace.
When I feel tired, help me to allow You to be strength to me.
When I feel irritable, help me to draw near to You & fill up my heart with love.
When I feel inadequate, help me to live in Your grace and rest in the knowledge that You are with me.
When I feel down, help me to hear Your voice bringing new inspiration & insight into my life.
Be with me while I work.


Researching, Writing, & Rewriting

When I looked up from all the busy work I was piddling with and realized it had been a month since I published anything new on my blog I almost wanted to body-check myself. Now, tonight I find myself with a pencil & ruler drawing, yet another,  monthly calendar in my PSDP journal. When it suddenly dawned on me that I was building a behavior chart for myself all I could do was think of Mi’ijo & giggle.

At least I can enjoy a laugh about it, because it really is kind of ridiculous. I’ve been working on writing, buying new notebooks, organizing myself, intensely studying writing, & I’ve written through two Dr. Grip ink pens since I started this little endeavor. But there hasn’t been a new post in a month.

I can look back at every week over the past month. I was either dug down in research for particular post or studying something I already knew. I thought Pomodoro would help but it didn’t. As long as I FELT LIKE I WAS WORKING while the clock was ticking; what I was getting done and whether I had completed a post or not wasn’t relevant. Until I realized it had been a MONTH without a new story or bible study.

Studying, Designing, & Reformatting

Really, I loved working with WordPress University & should have signed up for Blogging 101 before building the blog, posting, or even rolling it out to my friends and family on Facebook. By the time I started I had already done every activity we learned in class in the process of setting up The Writing Wife’s Life.

Yes, I learned some valuable shortcuts using the class to set up the Therapy Writing blog I’m working on; but if I can’t get the rhythm of posting on one site right; what makes me think I’ll do better with a whole other blog to manage.

When I caught myself, yet again, spinning my wheels through the same sites, researching the same notes, but still haven’t finished the same post – I also realized it had been a month! I could only shake my head in disbelief while I examined the inner folds of my brain to see where the absolutely ridiculous ways I sabotage myself come from.

NO, “where” “why” or “what” NOT RELEVANT – “How to fix.” IS

I am upset with myself because I know what I want. I know how I want “it” to be. And I know how easy it will be for me to get “it” for us. AND, I have full faith that the writing in getting “it” will be the best part of the journey. But I STILL have to kick myself in the ass to do what it takes to get the words down.

What’s most frustrating is that it’s as if I have more fun researching and compiling notes. When it becomes time to put the notes and research together into a coherent piece I seem to get stuck and have a hard time getting out of my own way to do it. That realization is leading me in a different direction for this work of mine, but not giving up the blog thing, yet.

And remember now, I really don’t HAVE to be working like this. MyHusband thinks all of this is just hilarious as he is takes great care of us. He understands the writing thing but is leery about the blogging thing, and has been reminding me for a month now, that it’s not THAT CRUCIAL every time he sees me get frustrated.

I respond with “But I want to do well at this,” and get  back “Then why are you making it so hard on yourself.” He is right and just for not really wanting me to partake in an.activity that makes me so frustrated with myself. But, I don’t know how to make him understand the buzz I feel when I’m being WonderWife SuperHero Mom and conquering problems in the household, AND in the BlogWorld with my wisdom and teachings.

Why & How Indeed – A Square Solution

Researching (LOL, yes, research again) ways to be more productive and COMPLETE tasks; not just be busy for busy sake, led me to Lift, or “Developing a Daily Writing Habit,” & “500 Words a Day” and 30 Day Business Blog Challenge by Sarah Arrow. This way I might actually get into a daily writing habit that builds a business portfolio for freelance writing and editing jobs while I work on the novels I want to write.

Yes, more than one now. Are you kidding, they’re going to be awesome!!!

Provided I actually complete the writing of them. AND, that’s why I’m here.

So, anyway – all of that; those things that I desire so badly I can taste them; will only come into fruition if I put the words down in notebooks and type them into MicrosoftWord or WordPress, all the way through editing to publication.

Everyone already knows how I hold myself accountable.

So, now I’m asking you guys  to help out by holding me accountable for everything I tell y’all I want to write.If you are reading this and see me online check on me to see if I have followed through to publication today.

Make a comment or ask a question here to see if I’m actually working. Or connect with me on Facebook and we’ll talk a second or two.

I’m willing to bet that spending some time, during the day, answering messages, calls, or texts, and speaking to people other than PreciousGirl might actually drive me to actively work on writing the way I SHOULD.

I know, OCD backward. I am relying on calls & Social Media to keep me on task in a situation when most have to disconnect to complete tasks.

Bringing it back to Behavior Charts, Mi’ijo, & Seinfeld directed me not to “Break the Chain” in their daily instruction for the “Develop a Writing Habit” plan. “Don’t Break the Chain” is a tool that was part of the advice Jerry Seinfeld gave to Brad Isaac about writing and goals.

Seinfeld suggested a wall calendar that has a whole year on one page hung in a prominent place and a red marker to mark a big red X over every day that that the task or goal being worked on is complete.

The satisfaction of drawing a big red X across each square becomes motivation not to break the chain as a few weeks of X’s become visible on that calendar as a reminder.

The VERY IDEA of seeing all those perfect X’s connected corner to corner, in the direct center of every square of my ideal publishing/editorial calendar lit up the inside of my OCD/ADD brain like the bright neon lights of Vegas

IMG_20151208_090606_583 (1280x720)
X Marks the Spot & Builds Good Habits


Of course that triggered the OCD part of my brain to say “let’s make some perfect squares for another calender. we need one more thing, maybe, to check off the box and get a complete post done, and recorded on paper. I bet that’ll get you on track.” Yes, it added another step into my writing process, and a WHOLE other planner – bringing the total to 3 or 4, depending how you count them.

Let’s Count & See How Many

  1. QuoVadis Text Agenda – Household management, receipts for important purchases, bills, important goals & upcoming plans like weddings and road trips.
  2. QuoVadis Scholar – Information for all online writing accounts such as WordPress & Social Media. Data on published posts like word count & final title work-up with URL, and any future posts I want to write and publish are penciled in.
  3. 1st of 2 Separate Monthly Calendars – drawn into PSDP/Journal – “Ideal Editorial Calendar” – coded with posts for the month; each one scheduled for each day along with the posts I want to write in order to build a working portfolio.
  4. OCD certainly not allowing such and IDEAL to be marked with Big Red X’ – How else do you think I realized how long it had been since I’ve followed through & actually published a post.
  5. 2nd of 2 Monthly Calendars – a lot less overwhelming to my ADD head with just OCD squares that I plan to X off every morning when I publish the post/posts I edit from the night before.
IMG_20151208_091004_242 (1400x1050)
May Have Been Too Overwhelming For ADD Brain


As I read the advice given by Seinfeld about building good habits and connect habit building with behavior modification I can only giggle about our Unruly MexiJun and the last Behavior chart I designed; as I come to conclusion that I just have to accept that in order to do this the way I want to do this is to follow the behavior plan, ahem Productivity Tool the way I designed it to see if it’s of any value to this whole Life Management Program I seem to be putting together as I work to improve myself & our lives.

It’s really funny that when we make them for ourselves they’re called productivity tools, but when we make them for unruly kindergarteners & to keep crazy bar friends out of trouble because they don’t want to leave the playground they are Behavior Charts.

I couldn’t help the giggles when I related the behavior chart – CALENDAR – I’m building today to the one we had down at Vista Lounge for our MexiJun when he would come in from being out offshore for 28 days on a tin-can with 6-8 other men.

He would hit the bar running, so ready to burn off all that testosterone & energy that it didn’t take us too many crew changes to build a behavior chart for him to manage the party when he was home. If there were special events & karaoke coming up and he wanted to sing he had to earn 5 Gold Stars that week.

And he was so proud of himself when he did. As proud as I’m going to be of myself as I begin marking off my chain of squares with my own perfect special X’s – better than Gold Stars because of the way they fit in my square.

Nope, I didn’t lie about High School during the Day & Adult Kindergarten at night. I can still enjoy being in Grade School myself.


A Marriage Thanksgiving Prayer – I’m Thanking The Lord He Made You

Source: A Marriage Thanksgiving Prayer – I’m Thanking The Lord He Made You

This pretty much says what I need to say today.  Took this time off with some organization work and will be back soon.

Pomodoro Writing With OCD/ADD

Pomodoro Writing With OCD/ADD

Tips & Tools Tuesday

Managing OCD/ADD

Writing With Pomodoro???

Prayer First

Lord, you know what I have set myself to do. Guide me through this process one piece at a time. Give me peace in Your direction and the most positive way to guide others with Your blessings.


Time & Task Management Important

Remembering the “Why” is the Biggest Part

I have a very distinctive message I am compelled to share. I overcome obstacles to sharing my message with task management and time management in a system called Pomodoro. OCD perfectionism and reliance on routines and rhythms absolutely drives an ADD writer directly to the pits of procrastination

Pens, & Pencils, agenda & planning notebooks have to be in their place – just so – before any thought of work to begin.

Tasks and activities must be staggered in a rhythm that provides many different ways to complete goals to keep attention from falling down a rabbit hole.

Work always has to start at the hour – a 10 minute distraction from the hour and all productivity is delayed until the next hour begins.


Crazy things that can cause agitation and lead to anxiety, then maybe blahs, and DEFINITELY PROCRASTINATION. Time management and taming procrastination has taken time and effort to manage these few weeks.

The bonus of OCD is obsessing on the Distinctive Message I have to share. Without writing all those thoughts remain silent and no one gets the Message. That is the “Why” that has kept me from giving up so far.

Pomodoro Manages the Tasks & the Time

The first week of building time into this writing activity was a struggle in discovering the most productive time of work. Coming to terms with working late evenings after other’s bedtimes was the most important part of following Pomodoro because productive work time sets the work flow rhythm for the day.

Plan the work rhythm before beginning

The day begins with questions

  • What is the writing topic today?
  • What kind of walking day is Precious having?
  • How many inside household chores to take care of?
  • How long will it take to complete the outside chores?
  • What kind dashboard work is necessary for WordPress?

There are many activities in writing, researching, and managing this whole blog site thingie; not to mention those of running a household. Once the business of making a smooth path for husband’s daily walk with the lord is handled, writing work usually begins with a Research Pomodoro learning about the topic for the week.

25 minutes WORK and 5 minutes BREAK

One Pomodoro Rhythm

  • Research on the writing topic
  • Household chore inside
  • Writing and developing post
  • Household chore outside
  • Configuration and posting online

The pomodoro rhythms above provides direction for managing tasks throughout a day and leaves allowances in the plan for the long break that is scheduled every 3-4 rhythms. However, household chores are managed; placing them between the sitting activities keeps the brain and body in tune with focus and rhythm.

Break Time at the end of a Pomodoro Work rhythm

Be sure to complete the thought or action.

  • 25 minutes for an activity is not an exact science or rule. However, leaving any task incomplete is a classic trigger for ADD and must be managed.
  • Complete the paragraph
  • Finish reading the current research site
  • Complete final action in configuration to save
  • Finish sweeping, dishes, putting things away.

Complete the current task to the next logical “save” point and break for the next rhythm.

Plan heavy brain work during most productive hours

Complete tasks that require centered focus during high productivity.

  • As focus and drive change throughout the day, along with time needed to complete household chores schedule heavy brain work that requires more focal centering around productive hours.
  • Tasks easily completed in one pomodoro rhythm should be structure scheduled in pattern with household work
  • Things that require sitting through one or two pomodoro rhythms should be completed during the productive hours that can manage extended focus on one activity

In the afternoon writing, research and other dashboard activities that take longer to complete are easier to manage with working through 1 or 2 rhythms without a break. But the body must move after working through a sitting session longer than 30 minutes.

A simple 4 step process manages tasks and time with Pomodoro

  1. What are we learning about today?
  2. Plan for the rhythm of productivity and distraction.
  3. Complete quick & easy lessons and tasks within 25 minutes in rhythms with chores.
  4. Do heavy think work over 1 or 2 pomodoro rhythms and quick & easy chores during 5 minute breaks during high productivity hours.

Try using the pomodoro rhythm technique as I described to manage the tasks and time you have on the agenda.

Share this with anyone who needs assistance overcoming procrastination and time management issues.

Virtues of Proverbs 31

Virtues of Proverbs 31

Marriage Ministry Monday

Walking in Faith

Prayer First

And the Prayer of Faith shall save the sick, and the LORD shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him

James 5:15

Proverbs Model for Marriage

Living the virtues of Proverbs 31 means understanding that it was written as an ideal example of Godliness that all men and women should strive for. The verses describe an ideal woman of godly character as the ideal wife to give young men guidance in choosing a virtuous wife. They are also meant to be instructions for men to be better husbands. Following these virtues of Godly Life is not about being perfect; it’s about living a life of purpose, diligence, repentance,  and forgiveness.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

-Proverbs 31:30-31

The Godly woman of Proverbs 31 wasn’t praised for her charm or beauty, she was praised for her fear of god. In the same respect, a married couple that takes everything to God in prayer is aware of their weakness, but has faith that they don’t have to be perfect to be loved by God. All they have to do is give themselves up to The Lord and their weaknesses will be covered on His strength.

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

-2Corinthians 12:9

Faith is knowing the only perfect one in this world is Jesus and we are made perfect through Him. Where we are weak, He is strong.

Faith Edifies A Biblical Marriage

As each one loves and serves Him with all of their heart, mind and soul, both seek God’s will for their marriage and follow his way. They walk together in faith and obedience, seeking fellowship with the Lord. When people work together to serve the Lord, God’s best is found.

Faith in God’s will is demonstrated in the marriage by submitting to God’s plan and seeking to be controlled by the spirit of God rather than flesh. Finding God’s will comes with maintaining faith with a relationship with Christ by seeking him on a daily basis through prayer and study.

Six Ways to Make Christ a Priority

  1. Daily Prayer – Take everything to God in Prayer.
  2. Study the Bible – To know His will, read His word.
  3. Keep the Lord’s  Commandments – As he instructs.
  4. Worship with other believers – Worship Him and worship each other in your marriage.
  5. Act on your faith – Faith without works, is dead.
  6. Share the Blessings you have received – What kind of blessings has living Godly given you

In a godly marriage, the primary goal for each other is Spiritual Growth that reflects Christ and His love. They take the time to build and nurture their physical relationship. Their marriage recognizably takes precedence above all other relationships, with the exception of their relationships with God. They also treat their faith freely and do not treat it as if it were a private matter.

Quo Vadis Planner Review

Quo Vadis Planner Review

Tips & Tools Tuesday

Two Planners for Organization???

Prayer First

Father, as writers, we investigate and imagine, pushing back boundaries and looking for new connections.

We throw ourselves into new worlds and create new characters.

You have broadened our understanding.

Thank you for imagination’s dew.

Copyright © 2014 Prayers for Writers, All rights reserved


Yes, Folks – Two Planners

Teaching Career Agendas & Planning

I remember how every August brought a sense of renewal and new “This Year” resolutions. As in, “This year would be better than the last.” I always felt the excitement about some new educational paradigm or classroom technology gained at summer conventions burbling inside me. Making Lesson Plans and planning Technology Workshops during August Faculty In-services felt exciting and rewarding. The new School Agendas, Discipline Plans and Lesson Plan Books every new school year held great promise for well, laid out plans and schedules. Until…

Personal Planners & Agendas

I have always used the Planner/Notebook system for my home organization. That was usually jotting some things down in a calendar that got lost and shuffled from purse to purse and a notebook full of grocery lists, story ideas, and incomplete things I intended to do, and usually forgot.

Organization and planning are better for me under the direction of my husband who uses calendars for goals, and lists. Managing our life has evolved my Planner/Notebook system into something workable as long as I am a stay-at-home-wife, and nothing more.

The notebooks are used for daily calls, paperwork, and things to do; lists my husband and I compile together. Agendas are for keeping financial and household documents current. Managing our household is full-time work activity in itself. Adding new work and more goals have put my old system to the test these past few years and I find myself seeking direction for time management again.

Opportunity Creates Change

New writing opportunities come with “get organized” fever. An old binder for a rival Time Management company engaged an online search for printable fillers or a filler specific to my needs that I can purchase.

Instead, I found Quo Vadis, the Quo Vadis Blog, and Plannerisms Blog. Ms. Doherty stated in the post that she was planning some updating on the Quo Vadis sites and needed product reviews. She asked that anyone who has written a product review in their blog or website, email questions and the link to their page or blog site for an opportunity to write a review. Writers would receive credit for their review that links directly to the reviewer’s blog from the Quo Vadis web site.

Full Disclosure:

Although I am reviewing two planners, I only purchased the Text Agenda. I received the Scholar planner for free in exchange for writing this review.

Two Planners?

New Things to Organize:

  • Puppy vet visits, shots, and training
  • Emails submitting my resume and writing sample for freelance work.
  • A Short Story Submissions & Writing Schedules.
  • Writing a WordPress Blog.

Text Agenda

I have never accomplished organization at this level before. Text Agenda opens like a diary, devoting a whole page to each day of the year. Each page is ruled for neat recording of notes, lists, and details of daily activities.

The Agenda opens to a facing title page, and personal information page.

Front Title Page

A July, 2015 –June 2016 yearly planner faces the personal info page.

Two Full weeks of Time Schedule Planner pages follow.

The two week plan can help college students manage 5 day/week classes

Weekly Time Scheduling
Weekly Time Scheduling

MWF Classes

Tu/Th Classes

The 2015-2016 Anno-Planning pages give a complete view of the year’s plan.

Daily pages

Daily Planning Elastic Book Mark
Daily Planning
Elastic Book Mark

Top is Scheduled from 8 AM – 7 PM

Allows for prioritizing of appointments, chores, and lists

Plenty of room for notes and details – no notebook needed

Personal Note:

Buying a calendar in August usually leaves a few blank calendar days at the beginning to allow for transition from one Academic year to the next. I write notes and information needed throughout the rest of the year, and may not fit under any given agenda topic, ie. Frequent websites and passwords.


Bottom Line:

Text Agenda is an awesome planning tool for anyone from Student, to Home maker, including Business people. It is ideal for people who live for daily activities without needing a schedule organized for planned activities that occur on a weekly basis. Any woman who is managing her household should consider purchasing this Calendar, Journal, and Scheduling tool.


Adding a second job to Home Management created the need for a second schedule. Women who work outside the home or participate in activities that require following a schedule through several days or weeks need the extra organization a weekly agenda would supply.

Scholar opens to a facing title page, personal information page.

Front Title Page
Front Title Page

Followed by an 8 AM-9 PM Time Schedule Planner for the week.

The 2015-2016 Anno-Planning pages give a complete view of the year ahead.

Weeks open in 2 page, viewing the full week from left to right that shows Monday as the first day of the week.

Daily/Weekly Planning
Daily/Weekly Planning

Days are in large block form and ruled for neat writing

Room for extra notes are at the bottom of the left side page.

See the personal note above for ideas for using extra calendar days at the beginning of

Anno-Planning Goals
Anno-Planning Goals

a new agenda.

Bottom Line:

Scholar feels like exactly the time management tool I need for organization of time AND information. With this agenda I have moved my blog from struggling for days to research, write, and publish my message to a weekly schedule of daily posts on specific topics. Writing those posts is easier with scheduling that leads from general topics to precise outlines that vary according to the subject matter of each post.

Side by side Comparison of Specs as on Quo Vadis Site
Side by side Comparison of Specs as on Quo Vadis Site


A side by side comparison shows two agendas, each more than suitable for its purpose, but when combined, they create a dynamic organizing and time management system that keeps even me on track.The Bound in Address Book found in Text Agenda should be added to the scholar and the Elastic Band Closure found on the Scholar Agenda should be added to Text Agenda.

Final Verdict:

Together, these planners are unbeatable time management tools.

Momma’s Mexican Lasagna

Momma’s Mexican Lasagna

Fabulous Foodie Friday

Prayer First

In a world where so many are hungry, may we eat this food with humble hearts; In a world where so many are lonely, may we share this friendship with joyful hearts


A Fiesta Twist on an Italian Favorite

This meal evolved from one a girlfriend told me about before college. After graduation and before teaching it began to evolve from a ready made meal with cans of chili that’s a little different from hot dogs to the following recipe. I know that it feels, to me, like I make it different, either leave something I forgot or add something to replace it so it does taste a little bit different every time I make it. The best version of it came out when I used deer meat instead of ground beef.

Layer Tortillas
Layer Tortillas


2 lbs Ground Beef

1 Med Onion – Diced

First Layer of Sour Cream
First Layer of Sour Cream

Minced Garlic (as desired)

Household seasonings to taste:

Zatarain’s Cajun Seasonings

Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning

First Layer of Meat Sauce
First Layer of Meat Sauce

Lemon Pepper

2 Cans Chili (No Beans)

2 Cans Diced Tomatoes & Peppers

8” Flour Tortillas

16 Oz Sour Cream

1 Lb Fiesta Blend Cheese

Sprinkle Some Cheese
Sprinkle Some Cheese

9X13 Baking Pan


Crumble and season Ground Beef into skillet.

Add Diced Onion, & Minced Garlic.

Use household seasonings to season meat to your preference.

More Tortilla over Cheese
More Tortilla over Cheese

Once meat is browned down with onion & garlic

Add Chili and Diced Tomatoes.

Stir and heat a few minutes until meat sauce is well blended.

Building Lasagna:

Line bottom of 9X13 pan with at least 2 of the Tortillas – covering bottom

And the Rest of the Sour Cream
And the Rest of the Sour Cream

Spread ½ Sour Cream on Tortillas

Layer 1/2 Meat Sauce over Sour Cream

Sprinkle 1/3 – ½ of Fiesta Blend Cheese over Meat Sauce layer

Add another layer of Tortillas covering meat sauce same way lined the bottom

The Rest of the Meat Sauce
The Rest of the Meat Sauce

Spread ½ Sour Cream on Tortillas

Layer remaining Meat Sauce over Sour Cream

Sprinkle the Rest
Sprinkle the Rest

Sprinkle remaining Fiesta Blend Cheese over Meat Sauce

Bake 20 min or so, just enough to melt the cheese

Baked Mexican Lasagna
Baked Mexican Lasagna


This simple recipe has received raves every time I make it for someone new and when my children come and visit this is the first meal they ask for if Momma is cooking.

Precious Trained Service Dog

Precious Trained Service Dog

Woof Woof Wednesday

A Precious Reaction To Service Dog Training

Prayer First

St. Francis of Assisi – Blessing of the Pets

Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday began the same as every other Monday since my PreciousGirl has come into our lives. This pup and I have shared a constant dialogue full of many conversations, discussions, and flat out arguments where I am still unsure who won.

Precious & The Daddy
Precious & The Daddy

Precious: Momma, momma, momma, c’mon, Momma; you and the Daddy have to get up right right now.

The Daddy: Really, Girl?? Is it that urgent? There’s just no need for all that fussing, Momma’s coming take you out. Now, hush…

Precious: But Daddy, Daddy, but Daddy; if I don’t go right right now I gonna have accident before I get to the good good spot. I don’t like to piddle piddle until I’m in the good good spot.

I get her on her lead and stumble out the door behind her as the Daddy is getting into the shower.  I’ve enjoyed this time with her since we first had her. It’s funny in the morning as she sniffs and searches, with ear twitches and slow steps until she is just at the edge of the tree line behind our place. I feel fortunate that she either feels private about her bathroom needs or wouldn’t like stepping in poop herself. She really tries to make sure and messy business is taken care of near the trees where no one walks.

Is Precious s'posed to be in the Bed???
Is Precious s’posed to be in the Bed???

We do a lot of “talking” on these little walks in the morning. Maybe it’s a form of meditation for me as I will talk about whether I slept well, what kinds of nightmares I might have had, and our plans for the day ahead. It’s a short walk, 7-10 minutes at most, but it’s a moment between me and my dog that has become valuable for clearing the sleepy fog out of my head before beginning my daily routine of getting the Daddy ready for work.

Precious: C’mon, Momma I wanna walk here, no here, oh wait, I need to go by the big tree for now.

Me: Ok, Precious hurry up this morning, Momma’s tired and we have a long day ahead.

Precious: What, wait, waaaiiit, Momma, I thought today was MY DAY!!! Yeah yeah yeah, Momma; ‘member, Momma you said I start special special classes today because I’m so Precious.

Me: C’mon and go, Precious. Make some potty for me. It’s not time to play. You DO understand that your sole purpose for being on this plane of existence as PreciousGirl is MY comfort and joy, not dragging me around the yard for all this dawdling and silliness. Go. Make. Some. Potty.

Precious: But but, Momma, but, Momma you did say today be MY DAY. All about me, Momma, ’member how you promised. I ‘member you PROMISED. Oh, wait, wait, Momma, don’t look at me, ok. Ok, Momma don’t look while I go.

And so it went. From morning to afternoon, and into her training class, the WHOLE DAY was for Precious.

Wrestling with The Daddy
Wrestling with The Daddy

Time for Training

There is a lot of truth to the saying that dogs are like children and misbehave more for their Peoples than for anyone else in the world.  Precious was the absolute best girl in training class, a genuine star pupil. Of course, I give great credit to the patience of her trainer, Melissa Frye, Training Director for Cross Protection K9 Services. She has demonstrated great patience with me as well as Precious at every encounter. Especially this last one.

You know that feeling, when you’re already late for a 6:30 class and text to let them know, but it turns out the class started at 6 and you’re catching the tail end. Yeah, that feeling. Which led to Precious being the star pupil because Melissa was more than willing to stay a little late and give us some extended time with her alone.

Melissa has shown great patience with me, as anxious and chaotic CrazyAlphabetDisorderLady at every encounter. We begin with my own special panic attack on the phone with her sister as the contact I was first given to find trainers for Precious. She was as courteous and tolerant of my issues at Responsible Dog Ownership Day hosted by Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers Association September 19.

Although I experienced a lot of anxiety; that event was PreciousGirl’s first real stellar moment in the spotlight and an eye opener to me. Melissa was the only connection I knew as I entered this event. What seemed to be a large number of people caused and initial panic as I asked everyone who looked involved with the process if they were Melissa.

Her first moments with Precious that morning amongst a slew of people moving around, getting booths organized, and wrangling unruly pets on leashes really sealed the deal on choosing her as our trainer. She quietly got Precious’ attention with a hand signal and used sign language and a “Sit” so quiet, I’m only adding it here because she said she had actually said it when I asked her about training us with the sign language she had just used with Precious.

Being unprepared for just absolutely how beautiful and Precious, and attention getting PreciousGirl would be, along with her natural friendliness on Responsible Dog Ownership Day I had to deal with lots of anxiety and looking for different places to hide and sit with my dog; as everyone who got a glimpse of her needed to stop and pet and tell me how adorable she was and that They. Wanted. To. Take. Her. Home.

PreciousGirl was the Star Attraction!!!
PreciousGirl was the Star Attraction!!!

Anxiety drove me to leave the event early, but I left feeling confident in Melissa’s services as a trainer and patience with me as a client.

 Melissa, gracious as always, was very patient and showed us the ropes, even though it kept her late. We had a great day then and during this evening’s class Precious showed her worth and intelligence. We learned a couple commands in between Precious’ diva moments in the mirror.  PreciousGirl’s new commands and her stellar behavior at class left interesting conversation on the way home from class.

I hope I not in trouble
I hope I not in trouble
If Mommy wants another picture I'm gonna howl.
If Mommy wants another picture I’m gonna howl.

Me: Who’s the smartest girl in the world.

Precious: Me, me, me, I the smartest PreciousGirl. Did you see Momma, Momma did you see me run around and play with the Precious in the mirror. She looked like a PreciousGirl. I know, I know, I know because you show me the Precious Girl every time you take a picture.

Me: And you were the bestest behaved PreciousGirl there, weren’t you. I just wanna know why you can’t be bestest behaved every day at home like that.

Precious: But, but, but it’s too hard behavin’ at home, Momma. You had all my good, good, good treats and it smells like doggies there, so easy peasy to behave there. Home is hard hard hard to behave ‘cause I wanna chew ev’thing & jump on ev’body and show them how Precious the PreciousGirl is.

Practicing these commands brings about some Precious conversation.

Precious: Treats, treats, are you at the Treat Cabinet, Momma. Imma sit right now because Treats mean Sit.

Me: Good girl, we gonna practice

Precious: But, but, but Momma all I gotta do is Sit & look Precious. See, see, see how precious I am.

Me: C’mon now do it like Ms. Melissa taught us.

Precious Loves The Mommy
Precious Loves The Mommy

Hoping the class keeps her interested and behaving once she gets more comfortable in the environment and around the other dogs. There is a marked difference in her behavior on her lead as compared to how she behaves when she is allowed to run free. I see the leash will be part of her “uniform” soon. Hoping for the best behaved Service Dog in the world out in public and on her leash working but my fun fun fun puppy at home when we don’t have to worry about work or other people.