Tips & Tools Tuesday

Managing OCD/ADD

Writing With Pomodoro???

Prayer First

Lord, you know what I have set myself to do. Guide me through this process one piece at a time. Give me peace in Your direction and the most positive way to guide others with Your blessings.


Time & Task Management Important

Remembering the “Why” is the Biggest Part

I have a very distinctive message I am compelled to share. I overcome obstacles to sharing my message with task management and time management in a system called Pomodoro. OCD perfectionism and reliance on routines and rhythms absolutely drives an ADD writer directly to the pits of procrastination

Pens, & Pencils, agenda & planning notebooks have to be in their place – just so – before any thought of work to begin.

Tasks and activities must be staggered in a rhythm that provides many different ways to complete goals to keep attention from falling down a rabbit hole.

Work always has to start at the hour – a 10 minute distraction from the hour and all productivity is delayed until the next hour begins.


Crazy things that can cause agitation and lead to anxiety, then maybe blahs, and DEFINITELY PROCRASTINATION. Time management and taming procrastination has taken time and effort to manage these few weeks.

The bonus of OCD is obsessing on the Distinctive Message I have to share. Without writing all those thoughts remain silent and no one gets the Message. That is the “Why” that has kept me from giving up so far.

Pomodoro Manages the Tasks & the Time

The first week of building time into this writing activity was a struggle in discovering the most productive time of work. Coming to terms with working late evenings after other’s bedtimes was the most important part of following Pomodoro because productive work time sets the work flow rhythm for the day.

Plan the work rhythm before beginning

The day begins with questions

  • What is the writing topic today?
  • What kind of walking day is Precious having?
  • How many inside household chores to take care of?
  • How long will it take to complete the outside chores?
  • What kind dashboard work is necessary for WordPress?

There are many activities in writing, researching, and managing this whole blog site thingie; not to mention those of running a household. Once the business of making a smooth path for husband’s daily walk with the lord is handled, writing work usually begins with a Research Pomodoro learning about the topic for the week.

25 minutes WORK and 5 minutes BREAK

One Pomodoro Rhythm

  • Research on the writing topic
  • Household chore inside
  • Writing and developing post
  • Household chore outside
  • Configuration and posting online

The pomodoro rhythms above provides direction for managing tasks throughout a day and leaves allowances in the plan for the long break that is scheduled every 3-4 rhythms. However, household chores are managed; placing them between the sitting activities keeps the brain and body in tune with focus and rhythm.

Break Time at the end of a Pomodoro Work rhythm

Be sure to complete the thought or action.

  • 25 minutes for an activity is not an exact science or rule. However, leaving any task incomplete is a classic trigger for ADD and must be managed.
  • Complete the paragraph
  • Finish reading the current research site
  • Complete final action in configuration to save
  • Finish sweeping, dishes, putting things away.

Complete the current task to the next logical “save” point and break for the next rhythm.

Plan heavy brain work during most productive hours

Complete tasks that require centered focus during high productivity.

  • As focus and drive change throughout the day, along with time needed to complete household chores schedule heavy brain work that requires more focal centering around productive hours.
  • Tasks easily completed in one pomodoro rhythm should be structure scheduled in pattern with household work
  • Things that require sitting through one or two pomodoro rhythms should be completed during the productive hours that can manage extended focus on one activity

In the afternoon writing, research and other dashboard activities that take longer to complete are easier to manage with working through 1 or 2 rhythms without a break. But the body must move after working through a sitting session longer than 30 minutes.

A simple 4 step process manages tasks and time with Pomodoro

  1. What are we learning about today?
  2. Plan for the rhythm of productivity and distraction.
  3. Complete quick & easy lessons and tasks within 25 minutes in rhythms with chores.
  4. Do heavy think work over 1 or 2 pomodoro rhythms and quick & easy chores during 5 minute breaks during high productivity hours.

Try using the pomodoro rhythm technique as I described to manage the tasks and time you have on the agenda.

Share this with anyone who needs assistance overcoming procrastination and time management issues.


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