Tip& Tools Tuesday

A Voice That Adequately Expresses the Joy I Feel

Prayer First

Lord, Release me from the issues that aren’t allowing me to reach my fullest potential. Bring positive words and verses to my post today and every day. Reach inside me and find the words to express the joy I have found through healing.


Finding the Right Voice

I am doing an enormous amount of research on writing this blog in a more positive tone. As I read back through my posts and see that some of them seem negative and whining. I do acknowledge that those posts were written early in the development of what this blog is becoming and reflect struggles I am facing as I find the voice, tone, and information I need to write these posts.

There are changes and developments that are evolving this blog into what I hope is a Teaching or Counseling Ministry through Bible Study. I have set a schedule in previous posts and continue developing it. My husband’s work week starts on Monday, so I have a new focus every Monday for the following week and the posts that follow on Saturday and Sunday of that week will try to focus on the same topic.WeekAs you can see my titles keep evolving around the OCD need for three with three words in each category for the day. That is one of the challenges I am trying to overcome. Another, stated in the title is the voice. I have looked at numerous resources on writing with a positive tone and using the active voice so there will be some changes, but I’m sure the voice and tone of all my posts will change, depending on my general feelings about each topic.

Positive Topics

The main thread of my blog is tied together in Studying and learning God’s will through the Bible. Monday’s Ministry will be focused on Marital needs and topics centered around Life as a Biblical Wife. Saturday posts are healing posts on Recovery from Abuse. Sunday is about Knowing God and Exploring Faith. Monday’s post will feature a focal topic for the week, the post on Monday, October 26 Centered on Living Virtuously. I am planning to focus on Living a Virtuous Life, through the month of November as I explore His word those who continue to study with me.


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