Our God is a Wonderful God!!!

Ministry and Writing Schedule

Work and words are flowing wonderfully today and I think I almost have all the titles of next week’s posts lined up in my head because. I planned a different post for today. But since God was so good that He gave me a general schedule to write about I already know the main topics for next Friday & Saturday posts. General topics that’ll only take a little research, to cover are ready for posts on Sunday – Thursday with some silliness thrown in.

The Crazy Alphabet Disorder and personal issues that so disturbed my writing needed to be acknowledged and put in writing so that I could give them to God as I covered them in prayer with hopes that he would help me work with them and not allow them to work against my success at building this blog. And it worked. He gave me a schedule of general topics to post about last night. Having a weekly schedule of broad topics prevents ADD distractions from keeping the OCD need for organization and routine in research and outlines that satisfy the TeacherBrain that says I need proven facts in order to write about what I know even though I ALREADY know it.

Even the research on the PMS & OCD/ADD posts this week caused me to take much longer than I wanted to write and post. Spending hours researching what OCD has to have perfect in order to feel OK about publishing a post is really backward when I am the one who is suffering from the disorder and know exactly what I need to work through it. Even more frustrating is the fact that the post on PMS came to mind as a blog topic THURSDAY night. I asked SoulSister for her advice FRIDAY morning but couldn’t get it done and published on time as I obsessively researched everything I already knew about the causes of  PMS and the best ways to beat it. That post took two days longer to get it on the blog & set me back on my schedule today for a Bible Study teaching the Lord’s word.

With two weeks left in October I’m working to have an easy schedule in place and need to work really hard to get a week ahead on my schedule. I want to fully participate in Blogging U – WordPress 101 and NaNoWriMo in November. With some luck, faith in God’s Love, and my commitment to work at least a week ahead, I might just be able to write the first novel of what I hope to be many during the month of November. Character profiles are in place and I have such intimate knowledge of the topic it should be easy. In accordance with my 500 words/day coaching site I’m going to declare the title here for everyone to see because I know that my closest circle will keep me in check by asking my progress as I write through November.

The book is called “The Three Sisters That Weren’t.” It is loosely based on sisters who didn’t get to bond until it was almost too late. I think all three of us are feeling like we missed out on some bonding we should have been allowed.  It should be ready for publication by December as a gift for Sista’ on her birthday. Writing it in November is a birthday present for SisterT and getting my head out of the fog and make changes needed to get my mind right to write through October is a personal birthday present to me. Happy Birthday this year for all three of us.

Planning this through August and September proves I’m still stuck in TeacherMind and recently got a new date book/planner that works from July-August to the next July. Using my calendar schedule gives me back some of the organization I used with lesson plans when I was teaching. I also save resolutions and efforts to better myself for my birthday instead of New Years Day by looking back at the past year to judge whether my last year of life has led me in a better or worse place than the year before.  I can see what I need to work on a little clearer that way and have made necessary changes to place myself in the right place mentally, emotionally, and physically. Having that empowered me with a structured life that added to MyHusband’s successes this year. Those are all bonus messages from the Lord telling me that I’m in the best place to finally push myself beyond the grips of Crazy Alphabet Disorder and make some personal dreams come true through my drive to write.

Here is the weekly schedule of General Blog Topics on The Writing Wife’s Life. If you see a Bible Study you would like me to expand on or teach with your story, please don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can schedule some time to work together. As you may see that I’m also using this for personal self-development. If you would like to set up a blog for your own self improvement with your stories I’d be excited and eager to help you with that also.

UNDAY Bible Study Knowing God – Exploring Faith through His word
MONDAY Bible Study Finding Happiness as a Biblical Wife
TUESDAY WordPress WordPress Daily Post Writing Prompt
WEDNESDAY DoggieBlog PreciousGirl’s thoughts about her ServiceDog Training
THURSDAY ThrowbackWriting Pulling out old notebooks to write from
FRIDAY Good Food Friday What’s Cooking & Learning to Cook
SATURDAY Bible Study Abuse Survival & Prevention through His Word

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